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Ancient Stageira

Ancient Stageira is a world-class monument mainly because the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born there, and archaeologists claim that his tomb is located there.

You will need hours to walk through the entire archaeological park through artificial or natural paths, wherein some of them the dense foliage of the trees create green tunnels.

Choose to walk the coastal path, as, among other things, it offers stunning views of the small secluded beaches and Strymonikos gulf.

Kakoudia Beach

The ideal choice for nature lovers! At a distance of 300 meters from Dionysus Suites, Kakoudia beach is a beach without signs of human activity.

The golden, full of shells, sand and impressive white rocks make the landscape magical!

Swim in the clear blue waters and feel the absolute relaxation enjoying your sunbathing under the unique Greek sun!

Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain is a monumental complex of an outstanding universal value, listed in the Unesco World Heritage List. It constitutes a unique artistic creation that combines the physical environment of the location with the expanded forms of architectural creation.

The Fathers at the Holy Mountain have developed and preserved a traditional mode of living and a unique management practice, where sustainability finds its true meaning in our post-modern society.

A place worth visiting!